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Frequently Asked Questions

Brace is a full, end-to-end program - no therapist or official diagnosis required - for people who are struggling after a trauma. It typically takes about 9-12 weeks (4-5 sessions per week) for a person to graduate. Brace teaches users the same techniques that have been administered in therapy and studied for decades. These techniques are the ‘gold standard’ for PTSD treatment, and studies have shown that the majority of patients who complete treatment see a significant reduction in symptoms!

Who created Brace?

Brace was created by a terrorist attack survivor who suffered from severe PTSD. After spending thousands of dollars on therapy and beating PTSD, she wanted to take what she learned and make it accessible to other sufferers at an affordable price.


Is this app a replacement for face-to-face therapy?

No. If you feel you need a therapist, you should absolutely get one.


Do I have to be diagnosed with PTSD to use this app?

No. This is not a healthcare app and does not provide you with any medical advice, so there is no prerequisite for using it. It is a self-help system to help you improve your own mental health and wellbeing, and it teaches you evidence-based techniques that have been shown to provide PTSD relief, so if you choose to you can put them into practice.


Can this app officially diagnose me with PTSD?

No. This app provides you with access to the PCL-5, but it is not a diagnostic test. An official diagnosis of PTSD can only be provided by a qualified healthcare professional at this time.


What assessment do you use to measure my symptoms over time?

We give you access to the PCL-5, which is a scientifically-supported 20 question screening test where users report their symptoms over time.


How do I complete an individual Memory or Activity?

To ‘complete’ an Activity session in the app, you need to experience a peak Distress Score of 15 or lower. To ‘complete’ a Memory session in the app, you need to listen to a recording at least three times, and then mark it as complete.


How long should Memory sessions take?

​Your recordings can be as short as 15 minutes each, but it is recommended that you work your way up to 45 minutes over time. The maximum time is 2 hours for any given recording.


How do I export my app data and what is included?

This feature is not currently available, but if you would like to see it in a future release of the app please let us know at


How do I get in touch?

Please reach out to us at

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