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Brace: Self-help after trauma

Use with or without a therapist

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The App

Democratizing access to evidence-based treatment

Survivors can now help themselves heal

Brace is a full, end-to-end program - no therapist or official diagnosis required - for people who are struggling after a trauma. It typically takes about 9-12 weeks (4-5 sessions per week) for a person to graduate. Brace teaches users the same techniques that have been administered in therapy and studied for decades. These techniques are the ‘gold standard’ for PTSD treatment, and studies have shown that the majority of patients who complete treatment see a significant reduction in symptoms.


First of its kind

Brace leverages evidence-based protocols in a self-help and HIPAA-compliant modality 

Evidence Based

Every protocol leveraged by Brace is steeped in academic research, and has years - if not decades - of supportive findings behind it. Users are never asked to partake in steps that are not gold standard.

Self Help

Trauma is a difficult thing to share. Brace is specifically designed such that end users do not have to share the details of their experience with another person unless and until they are ready.

HIPAA Compliant

Users' personal data is stored locally on their devices, which allows them to engage while enjoying peace of mind. Brace only collects anonymized identifiers and app usage statistics.

How the app works


Assignments & Progress

Based on a user's specific experience and struggles, Brace assignments will be tailored to meet their needs. Using the clinically-validated PCL-5 assessment, Brace will also help users track their progress over time as they move toward graduation.

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As users unlock new sections of Brace, they will be shown video overviews of what's to come. These videos were narrated by a trauma survivor who understands trauma on a personal level.

About Us

Our Story

Made by a trauma survivor for trauma survivors

Brace was created by Meyli Chapin, a Stanford graduate, former Google employee and terrorist attack survivor who suffered from severe PTSD. After spending thousands of dollars on therapy and beating PTSD, she decided to take what she learned and make it accessible to other sufferers at an affordable price.



“Honestly I love it, the woman’s voice is soothing and calm but not preachy or rigid. The scripts are real and doesn’t sound like standard issues therapy.”

Male, 30s, combat veteran

“I finally did my first memory recording...having done it, and listened to it, it has helped! I actually feel like a little bit of progress has been made toward my healing. Just saying it out loud, then listening to it somehow made it easier to deal with it.”

Female, 50+, lost loved one

"I must say I’m very impressed with the app, and I will try to spread the word among friends that are struggling. Can I please donate back the 20 usd for the app as a small token of appreciation?"


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